Co-founder and CEO at Dataperformers

Who we are:

Dataperformers is an applied research company that works on advanced artificial intelligence technologies. Made in Montreal, Dataperformers attracted top AI researchers and engineers to works on breakthrough Deep Learning models in order to enable E-commerce and FinTech business uses.


Innovation mixed to Science passion:

Dataperformers is the fruit of multidisciplinary natural attraction. Dataperformers people have also:

  • Worked on cognitive systems
  • Built autonomous vehicle navigation systems
  • Built and improved Cube Satellites for space
  • Managed the implantation of a new IT firm in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Studied deeply about quantum physics and computing
  • Invented a Deep Learning system that could save energy at the scale of a metropole
  • Was selected from millions of inventors for the presidential prize
  • Performed in a semi-professional baseball team
  • Created the biggest AI community in Montreal
  • Learnt how to share passion about creativity and science



Dataperformers want to democratize access to artificial intelligence and reduce the barrier to entry for this disruptive technology to people, SMEs and large companies willing to acquire it’s benefits.


What make us different:

Dataperformers break down artificial intelligence. Our approach is to deliver a non black box solutions. We help organization to discover untapped AI potentiels through a interpreted and clear ready to go system.