Hi !

I’m Mehdi !

I do science research and I’m learning some amazing things around machine learning and cognitive computing. I’m highly interested in Deep Learning and Generative networks (like GANs). I’m also interested by Decentralized and Self-organized systems like Crowdsourcing, Smart cities and Autonomous Transportation as part of my believe in their capacity to have a big (and positive) impact on human lives.


Business: I’m the co-founder of @Dataperformers Inc (AI) and a partner @Data Driven Investors (Business Incubator). I’m also, co-founder of @SOSWEB, @Scolaria (Education) and @ProjectX (soon).

Volunteers: I’m also founded some non-profit organizations like @Montreal Deep Learning (Science), @MTLShare (Sharing Economy understanding), @HalfABottle (Water for stray animals), @BookSharing and Microsoft ISG Club (Access to education).


I have a multidisciplinary background: BSc in Computing, MSc in Management Information System and I’m starting a Phd in Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning (actually in Concordia University)


‘You must be the change you want to see in the world.’ Gandhi.